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CEMEX continues its support of families affected by hurricane Alex in Mexico

Date published: March 3, 2011

CEMEX in Mexico has donated 50 tons of cement to the municipality of Linares in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon. The donation is part of its ongoing efforts to help those affected by 2010’s hurricane Alex, which produced record-breaking rainfall during July 1 and 2 creating widespread flooding throughout the state, leaving thousands homeless or without access to water or electricity. This donation will benefit 42 families currently without formal housing.

CEMEX continues its support of families affected by hurricane Alex in Mexico

The cement will be used in a Centro Productivo de Autoempleo (Productive Self-Employment Center) which was installed by CEMEX in March of last year in the municipality of Linares.

With the support of the Municipal Government and CEMEX, from March 2010 to now, over 7,000 residents of Linares have been benefited with improved housing built with materials they produced themselves at the center.

Under this model, the Municipal Government buys 50 per cent of the blocks produced at the center and the other 50 per cent is given to the families as payment for their work. The families then use the materials to improve their housing.

As part of the “Building Together” program in Linares, CEMEX also donates building materials that will be used to improve basic housing to which 20 families were relocated after the flooding caused by Alex.

This partnership between CEMEX and the Linares Municipal Government during the past few months has led to the creation of a trust fund managed by a Citizen Council. The fund has been joined by other companies and is currently helping not only victims of the flood but also providing scholarships to local children using profits from the sale of blocks and monetary donations.

As a global building materials provider, CEMEX is uniquely positioned to assist communities to rebuild following major disasters. The company’s disaster relief efforts around the world are intended to support communities in times of great need and devastation.

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