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CEMEX acquires gravel depots in Germany and France in order to be closer to its customers

Date published: February 28, 2011

CEMEX has recently acquired two gravel depots in Germany and France which will better position the company to serve its customers in the two countries. The depots are strategically position to ensure efficient, timely delivery of the highest quality building materials.


In Germany, CEMEX acquired a gravel depot in the town of Willich, 10 kilometres outside the city of Düsseldorf. The facility mines sand and gravel from the river Rhine in different grain sizes. The materials are mined underwater with a pontoon excavator and conveyed via belt systems for processing.

“The location of this gravel plant is strategically beneficial for delivery to a number of our ready-mix concrete plants and creates valuable synergies for our customers, due to the proximity to our other gravel plants,” says Frank Kessler, CEMEX Regional Manager.

In France, the company acquired a gravel depot in the city of Dolus at the heart of the Oléron Island on the French Atlantic coast. The site provides local construction sites with around 50,000 tons of aggregates per year.

“This acquisition allows us to complete the full coverage of aggregates sales for Western France. We were already present in the Oléron Island with a ready-mix plant and this facility allows us to diversify and extend our geographical coverage and improve our response to meet our customers’ requirements” says Fabrice Charpentier, Aggregates Director for Southwest France.

Aggregates, composed of geological materials such as stone, sand, and gravel, are an indispensable ingredient in ready-mix concrete, asphalt, and mortar. Accounting for approximately 60% to 75% of ready-mix concrete’s volume, aggregates strongly influence concrete’s freshly mixed and hardened properties. CEMEX is a global leader in the commercialization of aggregates.

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