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CEMEX in France uses GPS to monitor fluvial transportation fleet in real-time

Date published: February 18, 2011

The Seine River is a crucial transportation way for CEMEX in France. A fleet of 88 transportation barges and 12 pusher boats are constantly in motion on the river carrying building materials, mostly aggregates. CEMEX has recently equipped all 88 barges with a satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) in order to optimize their operation.


The GPS allows CEMEX to follow the activity of the barges, analyze travel time between sites, and evaluate the timing for loading and unloading materials. The company will also be able to constantly monitor the exact location of its fleet while optimizing turnover, creating new efficiencies and improving management. Most importantly, the GPS will be an added benefit for customers because CEMEX’s Customer Service Center is now able to provide real-time updates of the material’s location.

“Fluvial transportation is a major issue for our activities, this is why we have developed, together with the Novacom Services, a system for real-time location of our fleet”, says Valérie Cornet, Logistics Director for the Aggregates Division. “Fluvial transportation also has the added benefit of vastly reducing our CO2 emissions, making it a sustainability priority as well.”

Additionally, pusher boats have been equipped with technology to detect anomalies in fuel consumption, thereby keeping fuel costs down and reducing emissions.

This effort is one of many actions being undertaken worldwide as part of CEMEX's commitment to operational excellence.

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