CEMEX aggregates quarry in France awarded with prestigious Biodiversity Certificate
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CEMEX aggregates quarry in France awarded with prestigious Biodiversity Certificate

Date published: February 04, 2011

A CEMEX aggregates quarry in central France has been awarded with the first Biodiversity Certificate by the French aggregates association, UNICEM. The prestigious certificate recognizes numerous activities to promote biodiversity in the quarry as well as efforts to raise awareness about preserving local wildlife.


As part of these initiatives, CEMEX has worked closely with the Regional Heritage Preservation Center in order to create a plan to carefully manage the land around its operations.

“Our relationship with the heritage preservation body is the result of a voluntary commitment from CEMEX towards understanding its environment. The certificate comes as recognition of the collaborative work completed on the ground,” says Thierry Jourdain, Regional Environmental Director for the Aggregates Division in France.

In addition to this recognition, eight of CEMEX’s ten aggregates quarries in the central region of France have been rated with 100% compliance in the Environmental Progress Reference system. The two remaining quarries obtained 94% compliance, and it is expected that all quarries will receive the highest rating by 2011.

CEMEX worldwide has a longstanding commitment with effective land management and biodiversity conservation. The company works diligently to responsibly manage the land within and around its operations to protect biodiversity and maximize its contribution to nature conservation. At a global level, 82% of CEMEX active sites have quarry rehabilitation plans in place and the company is on track to meet its goal of 100% by 2015.

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