CEMEX becomes official sponsor of the Green Building Council in Spain
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CEMEX becomes official sponsor of the Green Building Council in Spain

Date published: February 03, 2011

CEMEX in Spain has signed an agreement with the Green Building Council to increase its support of the organization's efforts to promote sustainable construction. This initiative reinforces the company's relationship with the council, which began in 2000 and centers on fostering construction practices that are more respectful to the environment and more efficient in the use of natural resources.

Story Joaquín Estrada, CEMEX President in Spain and Felipe Pich, President of the Green Building Council in Spain, signing the sponsorship agreement.

"Today, we know that 40% of energy consumption at a global level comes from the construction and use of buildings, and that their use throughout their lifespan is responsible for 36% of global emissions of greenhouse gasses," says CEMEX President in Spain Joaquin Estrada. "Reducing this environmental impact is not the responsibility of a single company or government, the challenge is for everyone, and that is why I encourage all companies, organizations, and public administrations to support the Green Building Council, which is taking important steps to promote sustainable construction."

This initiative in Spain is in line with CEMEX's global efforts to promote sustainable construction. In December 2010, the company released its carbon footprint tool- the first of its kind in the building materials industry- which allows the company to measure the greenhouse gases emissions of its cement, ready-mix and aggregates products. The footprint tool considers a cradle-to-gate approach, from raw material sourcing to product manufacturing, providing significant assistance to customers in the building sector in calculating the carbon footprint of their projects.

"CEMEX has a long-standing commitment with sustainable construction. At a global level, it is a cornerstone of the company's strategy," says Luiz Alvarez-Ude, General Director of the Green Building Council in Spain. "The support of the private sector has allowed the GBC in Spain to become the face of sustainable construction before public administrations and society."

In order to further its sustainability strategy together with its stakeholders, CEMEX has more than 250 partnerships and memberships with global, national, and local organizations.

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