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CEMEX sponsors Eco-Schools in Dominican Republic

Date published: December 30, 2010

CEMEX in the Dominican Republic has agreed to sponsor three local schools so that they may join the Eco-School program. Eco-Schools is a global program for environmental management, certification, and sustainable development education in schools that is run by the Foundation for Environmental Education.

CEMEX sponsors Eco-Schools in Dominican Republic

CEMEX's sponsorship money will be used for various activities including educational talks, training, inspections, audits, and other activities that are often suggested by the schools themselves. The program is characterized by the active role that the children take in its implementation.

The Eco-School program has a system by which each school has its own autonomous environmental committee. The committee then sets up an audit system to find areas of opportunity and suggests different activities that the school can participate in to make it more environmentally-friendly. By putting the initiative in each school's hands the program engages the students, teachers, and parents and motivates them to continue participating.

Currently only eleven Dominican schools are part of this program, and CEMEX is proud to help it grow in the country. CEMEX takes an active role in improving the communities around its operations as part of its Global Sustainability Strategy.

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