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CEMEX CEO Lorenzo Zambrano speaks at opening of WBCSD Global Business Day at COP16 in Cancun

Date published: December 6, 2010

CEMEX Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Zambrano spoke today at the opening of the World Building Council for Sustainable Development' s Global Business Day (WBCSD) at the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP16, in Cancun, Mexico. The event featured a keynote address by Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Mr. Zambrano, welcomed participants to Cancun and to the event, together with Bjorn Stigson, President of the WBCSD and Jean-Guy Carrier, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce.

In his speech, Mr. Zambrano praised the work accomplished by the WBCSD over the years and expressed his optimism for progress to be achieved at COP16. He also spoke well of the efforts of President Calderon and the Mexican government to engage the private sector actively in the climate change negotiations.

Speaking before a group of global business leaders, Mr. Zambrano listed four key areas on which the private sector has to focus on to contribute in order to advance climate change action.

  • Creating new low-carbon technologies and processes;
  • Addressing the carbon emissions issues of accelerating urban development;
  • Investing in new energy efficiencies throughout the value chain;
  • Developing new models of public/private cooperation and new sources of financing.
  • The efforts from the business sector to drive climate change action does not run counter to the work of the negotiators. Indeed, I believe that the more we do, the better the chance that our governments will quickly follow" said Mr. Zambrano.

Mr. Zambrano reiterated the responsibility of the building materials industry in stemming climate change, both because of the energy-intensive nature of its operations, and because of the crucial role that ready-mix concrete will have in building a low-carbon future.

COP16 aims to continue efforts towards an international consensus on cutting carbon emissions and finding solutions to climate change. The WBCSD is a CEO-led, global association of over 200 companies dealing exclusively with business and sustainable development.

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