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CEMEX in Czech Republic Launches Innovative Monitoring System to Save Fuel

Date published: November 30, 2010

With operational excellence in mind, CEMEX in the Czech Republic installed an innovative fuel monitoring system in 82 of its ready-mix trucks and pumps. As part of the Logistics Efficiency Initiative, the main goal of this action is to achieve savings within CEMEX's distribution network in this country.

CEMEX in Czech Republic

The system's Truck Data Memory device records the units' travel information, helps monitor the units, and supports the management of dispatch logistics. It consists of a global positioning system (GPS) that identifies the vehicle's location and transfers data to a control center, including the vehicle's fuel level, refueling activity, and fuel leakage occurrences. Reports then identify each vehicle's fuel consumption levels and other inputs.

This state-of-the-art monitoring system has begun to appear in other transport companies in the Czech Republic as well: companies like Petrotrans, Skanska and van Gansewinkel are also monitoring their fuel levels.

Trucks are rolling, and the system is monitoring and gathering data. By the end of the system's first year fuel saving data will become readily available. With this fuel monitoring system, CEMEX in the Czech Republic takes another sure step towards improving its operational efficiency.

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