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CEMEX in France opens first concrete production facility to comply with the HQE® approach

Date published: November 26, 2010

CEMEX in France inaugurated this month the first production facility for ready-mix concrete built in accordance with the High Environmental Quality (HQE®) approach in France. With a typical "Paris by night" event, hundreds of invitees, including customers, suppliers and other institutional guests, were welcomed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower before everyone embarked on a boat ride over the Seine River to watch the Tolbiac site illuminated by fireworks.

CEMEX in France opens first concrete production facility to comply with the HQE® approach

Located in the port of Tolbiac on the banks of the Seine River within Paris, this new installation, dedicated to the production of specialty concretes, has been designed to respect health, safety, the environment and above all, to fully integrate into its urban surroundings a commitment subscribed when signing with the HQE® Association.

Launched in the early 1990s, the High Environmental Quality standard provides a sustainable dimension for construction and renovation work. Subscribing to HQE® represents a declaration of commitment to the environment, residents and staff. The approach relies on two elements: the Operation Management System (SMO) which sets the targets, installs procedures and defines human and material resources to be implemented throughout the entire life phase of the building; and the Building Environmental Quality (QEB) based on 14 targets which are graded using three levels (basic, efficient and highly efficient) and where the Tolbiac site has already achieved the highly efficient level for 5 of these targets.

CEMEX committed itself to the HQE® approach and among the innovative elements of the project electrostatic filters were installed to prevent any powder emission; noise level has been controlled and does not exceed that caused by the traffic on the nearby road; water management conforms to the specifications set by the city; and finally, in order to limit CO2 emissions, highly efficient motors were installed throughout the production chain.

CEMEX in France opens first concrete production facility to comply with the HQE® approach

Additionally, the building operations will incorporate the ISO 14001-certified environmental management system by the end of 2010.

In collaboration with the architects of "Ports de Paris", CEMEX worked in this project by ensuring the residents' comfort as a priority. The banks of the Seine, which up until now have been permanently dedicated solely to industrial activity, will from now on be gradually opened up to pedestrians outside of production hours. Everything has been designed so that the CEMEX site meets its dual purpose as an industrial and public space.

The production facility at Paris-Tolbiac stands out as a pioneering project and it will help to contribute to the construction of further exemplary CEMEX installations in France.

As an important link to the supply of concrete to building sites in one of the major sectors of Paris, the Tolbiac site is becoming an integral part of the CEMEX industrial operation installed on the river banks in the Seine River, linking nine other concrete production facilities, ten transit ports and seven aggregate quarries. Its raw materials are supplied by river.

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