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CEMEX hosts product demonstrations all over France

Date published: November 1, 2010

CEMEX in France is fully focused on building and maintaining strong relationships with its customers and suppliers by opening spaces across the country where product demonstrations can give way to friendly events. This is a unique approach to understanding what customers need, to put its products at center stage, and to propose new solutions for the construction industry.

CEMEX France

CEMEX has opened several showrooms where commercial teams present to customers their various products, give live demonstrations on how to use them, and present videos of their applications.

This is the case for the Vaux-sur-Mer showroom located in the Poitou-Charentes region, on the Atlantic coast. Opened this year, the 45 square meter showroom, located within the ready-mix plant, receives numerous customers that come to learn more on the different products and end up having much more than that thanks to the breakfast sessions, lunches or grills organized by the operational and commercial ready-mix teams.

Product demonstrations

This is only one way in which CEMEX engages with its customers. During the year, several facilities across France invite their clients and suppliers to the product demonstration days. Recently, the team of the Ready-mix plant of Le Havre City, in the Normandy coastline Region in northern France, received over 30 customers who had the opportunity to participate in several product demonstrations, from decorative concrete products to techniques on how to pave an alley. The event ended with a breakfast where the CEMEX team and customers shared their experiences.

Showrooms like the one in Vaux-sur-Mer, or the demonstration days like the ones organized in Le Havre, give customers and suppliers the chance to discover or learn more about the different decorative applications that concrete offers and how this material, fully recyclable, meets the requirements of public authorities and private individuals.

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