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Ready-mix concrete products contribute in building health

Date published: October 21, 2010

The city of Lorient's new Hospital located in the Brittany region in western France was in the need of special requirements to meet quality expectations and ensure it would become the region's leading healthcare facility. CEMEX was selected by the project's leading companies-GBT and Vinci-to provide specialty concrete mixes to meet such special needs.

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One of the most complex products needed was the high density ready-mix for the X-ray rooms. The powerful radiation generated by radiotherapy machines creates the need to build special floors and walls with a thickness of about 1.70 meters-around ten times that of a common wall-to avoid the propagation of the X-rays used inside.

In total, CEMEX contributed 25 thousand cubic meters out of the 50 thousand required for the project. In order to achieve this objective, CEMEX dedicated a specific team on site to ensure constant product quality and coordinate the overall project, including relationships between ready-mix suppliers and construction teams to help maintain deliveries on time.

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