CEMEX in the Philippines donates innovative cement products to help bring Pasig River back to life | CEMEX News
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CEMEX in the Philippines donates innovative cement products to help bring Pasig River back to life

Date published: September 29, 2010

CEMEX in the Philippines is joining forces with "Linking Arms for the Pasig River" (KBPIP according to its initials in Filipino), an organization that is working towards a clean and sustainable future for said river, which was once an important trade route but has now been polluted to the point that it is considered unable to sustain any type of life.

Pasig River

Jaime Ruiz de Haro, CEMEX Asia Region President, and Gina Lopez, AFI Managing Director.

One major reason for the river's pollution is the Paco Market. Built in 1911, the market is an important part of the Philippine's heritage. It is not only one of the oldest surviving marketplaces in the country, but it is also a place where economics, culture, and community converge. Unfortunately, the market is a major pollutant of the Estero de Paco marine channel, which flows into the Pasig River.

The KBPIP is a program created by the ABS-CBN Foundation (AFI), the corporate responsibility arm of the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, one of Asia's biggest media conglomerates.

CEMEX Foundation in the Philippines and the KBPIP will undertake a major effort to restore and rehabilitate the Paco Market because of the positive effects that will have on the Pasig River. CEMEX's contribution will consist of providing the cement necessary for the rehabilitation. In order to follow the sustainable nature of the project, the cement used will be Rizal and APO Masonry cement, innovative new products that save up to 32% in greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, CEMEX is also lending its support to the Calauan Laguna project of Habitat for Humanity which will relocate 1,000 families away from the Pasig River.

"Marketplaces have always been showcases of human civilization. We would not be where we are today without them. This is why we in CEMEX are honored to be part of this partnership to redevelop one of the most important marketplaces in the country, the Paco Market," says CEMEX Asia Region President Jaime Ruiz de Haro.

At a recent ceremony, Ruiz de Haro expressed CEMEX's commitment to work towards preserving Philippine history and culture and, at the same time, encouraging long-term sustainability.

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