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CEMEX + FNPI New Journalism Awards presented at ceremony in Monterrey, Mexico

Date published: September 24, 2010

On Tuesday, September 21, the winners of the ninth edition of the CEMEX+FNPI New Journalism Award were announced at a ceremony at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MARCO) in Monterrey, Mexico.


The winners of the 2010 writing, photojournalism, and career tribute awards.

The award is the most important journalistic recognition in Latin America and is granted yearly. Present at this year's ceremony were Jaime Abello Banfi, General Director of FNPI, Fernando Gonzalez, CEMEX Executive Vice-President of Planning and Finance, Javier Treviño Cantu, Nuevo Leon Secretary of State, and Nina Zambrano, Director of MARCO. The FNPI (Latin American New Journalism Foundation) is a non-profit organization founded by Noble Prize winning writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez that fosters the contribution of journalism to democracy and the development of Ibero-American countries.


Gustavo Gorriti gives his acceptance speech.

Awards were given in three categories: Writing, Photojournalism, and Career Tribute.

In the Writing category, the winner of the award was Leila Guerriero from Argentina, for her piece titled "El rastro de los huesos" (The Bone Trail), published in Gatopardo magazine. The article tells the story of a forensics laboratory created to discover the identity of victims from Argentina's military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. In her trademark succinct writing style, Guerriero gives elegance and poetry to what is in reality an arduous, painstaking task, making her piece worthy of edging out the other 963 submissions received.

Alejandro Cossio, from Mexico, was selected as the winner for the photojournalism category for his work titled "México al punto de quiebre" (Mexico at the breaking point), published in Semanario Zeta. The photographs are a chilling look into the drug-related violence that is currently taking place in northern Mexico. Cossio's work was a deserving winner for confronting the viewer with grisly images that forces reflection on an unfortunate reality that many would rather ignore.

Peru's Gustavo Gorriti won the 2010 Career Tribute Award for nearly 30 years of distinguished work in investigative journalism. Gorriti was chosen unanimously by the awards' Governing Board, which is chaired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Lorenzo Zambrano, CEMEX Chairman and CEO. Gorriti's exhaustive journalistic investigation played a crucial role in exposing corruption and the crimes against humanity committed by Alberto Fujimori during his dictatorship in Peru. Gorriti was abducted by the Fujimori regime for his work and later released into exile thanks to his wife's ability to generate international pressure for his liberation. Despite this episode, Gorriti has continued with his legacy of using the written word to fight oppression and corruption in several countries.

During their speeches, journalists and representatives of the foundation spoke earnestly about the importance of quality journalism, particularly during turbulent and violent times. The CEMEX + FNPI New Journalism Awards seek to support journalists that sometimes put their very lives at risk to raise awareness about important issues.


Winners, nominees, organizers, and special guests of the 2010 CEMEX + FNPI New Journalism Awards

For more information and access to the winners' and nominees' works, please visit www.fnpi.org (content exclusively in Spanish).

To see images of the ceremony, please visit CEMEX's Flickr page at: http://ow.ly/2Jsp0.

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