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CEMEX is proud to join Mexico in celebrating 200 years of independence

Date published: September 15, 2010

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence and the 100th anniversary of its revolution. CEMEX is joining in celebrating this historic occasion with events and ceremonies throughout the year.

CEMEX in Mexico

Although today CEMEX is a global player in the building materials industry, its historical roots are proudly Mexican. In fact, the Cementos Hidalgo plant, that would later become CEMEX, began operations in Northern Mexico in 1906, dating back to before Mexico's Revolution.

Despite the challenges posed by the Mexican Revolution, CEMEX prevailed during this period and managed to continue growing throughout Mexico. It then expanded to the rest of the American continent, as well as Europe, Asia, and Africa, with a presence today in more than 50 countries and trade relationships in more than 100 nations.

Mexico independence

Flag raising ceremony at CEMEX aggregates plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

During the past few months, CEMEX has conducted special celebrations in its plants across Mexico. The events have been highlighted by flag-raising ceremonies in which Mexico's national emblem was raised in commemoration of the bicentennial. The largest event-which included a full martial band and flag ceremony-was held in CEMEX's San Antonio offices in Mexico City.

Additionally, CEMEX is joining its friends and partners to support and participate in celebrations throughout the world to promote Mexico's heritage and showcase Mexico's rich and vibrant culture and contributions to the arts world.

One of these events is Celebrate Mexico 2010 in the United States, which, after Mexico, has the largest Mexican and Mexican descent population. Celebrate Mexico 2010 includes pre-Hispanic, Spanish, modern, and contemporary Mexican art performances from September 11 until October 1 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

CEMEX is also participating in Revealing Mexico at Rockefeller Center during the week of October 25th. The celebration will consist of musical, culinary, and cultural events featuring Mexico's rich cultural heritage. CEMEX's Chairman and CEO, Lorenzo H. Zambrano, will be part of the official host committee, which also includes former U.S. President Bill Clinton, recording artist and conductor Placido Domingo, and other members of the business and arts communities.

While CEMEX is now a global company, it is-proud to celebrate its Mexican roots.

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