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Sustainable delivery of building materials achieved through CEMEX's multimodal platform in France

Date published: September 10, 2010

The beautiful Paris area is a dense populated region where urban development is in constant evolution. Having quarries to produce construction materials nearby is not an option and transporting them into the city is both a logistical and environmental challenge.

CEMEX in France

This is why the CEMEX multimodal rail-to-river transportation platforms-like the one in Marolles-sur-Seine-are the best solutions to ensure building materials get to customers on time in an environmentally friendly way.

The Marolles-sur-Seine site was established in late 2008 and is strategically located in southeast Paris, where it receives raw materials from nearby quarries by river barge and train and uses them to produce certain mixed aggregates. By offering these quiet and ecological forms of transport, it becomes a smart solution for logistical and environmental issues regarding the delivery of great quantities of aggregates in and around the Paris area, since river barges and railroads are both safe and cost effective.

As one of the first freight transportation suppliers in the Ile-de-France region, CEMEX has focused in alternative transportation means. The comparison of the ecological balances speaks for itself: a single train loaded with 1,300 tons of aggregates is equivalent to what can be carried by 50 trailers. Overall, the railroad has evident environmental advantages. Its energy efficiency is 2 to 3 times better than the performance of transportation by road: one kilogram of fuel allows moving 174 tons over one kilometer by train and only 39 tons by road.

The 147-hectare CEMEX facility has a 20 year license to operate the site and is extracting around 600 thousand tons of materials per year. Certified in ISO14000, the plant also includes a treatment facility with a clarifier and a sludge press which enables the saving of natural resources. Treated water is reused in the production processes and the sludge is included in the quarry renewal process. Additionally, the quarry restoration plan CEMEX has in place includes the creation of a 76-hectare pond, 25 hectares of wetlands, and environmental restorations which will return the place to its natural conditions.

The multimodal platform at Marolles-sur-Seine, one of CEMEX's most productive French facilities, demonstrates that sustainability and business can indeed go hand in hand.

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