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CEMEX offers innovative concrete and cement solutions in Croatia

Date published: September 9, 2010

CEMEX in Croatia has been finding ways to satisfy customers through innovative products that meet the country's customer needs, such as Sulfacem®, a sulfate-resistant cement, and Fiberton®, a high resistance concrete.


Sulfacem®, the first sulfate-resistant cement in the Croatian market, was a product originally developed by CEMEX for its customers in Egypt. Because many construction sites in Egypt are in direct contact with materials that have large amounts of sulfate salt, Sulfacem® needed to be very resistant to sulfates. CEMEX in Croatia realized this resistance could make it suitable for many uses in its market, such as the construction and repairing of septic tanks, drainage channels, chimneys, fireplaces, foundations and basement facilities as well as walls and floors on farms, feedlots, and similar constructions.

CEMEX matched this special product with its customers' needs and, Sulfacem® was brought to the Croatian market for bagged cement. Because of its optimal temperature development during the binding/hydration process, it is recommended for all construction works at temperatures above 25°C. Today, Sulfacem is available throughout Croatia.


Also in Croatia, a contractor needed to finish a shopping center on-time and on-schedule with a surface that would be resistant to the incredible amount of traffic and abuse that a large shopping endures.

CEMEX in Croatia suggested using Fiberton®, a concrete solution that is highly resistant to cracks, has better water resistance, and lowers costs per building surface, resulting in easier and quicker construction. Fiberton® concrete is unique because it is based on the use of polypropylene or steel fibers in normal and special concrete to avoid the emergence of cracks caused by plastic shrinkage. In total, CEMEX delivered 1,250 cubic meters of Fiberton® concrete to the customer.

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