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A new dike for the famous Mediterranean port of Saint-Tropez in France

Date published: September 8, 2010

Saint-Tropez, a little fishing port back in the 50's, is one of the most visited touristic destinations in the Mediterranean, famous by the constant presence of movie stars, singers, and other international showbiz personalities. But today, the city will also be known for its colorful 250-meter long dike built by ICTP and Sols Azur with specific decorative ready-mix concrete products from CEMEX.


The dike, a project that started in November 2009, was inaugurated during the beginning of the summer season. With the city at its fullest, the delivery of the products from nearby quarries into the port was quite challenging, yet CEMEX carried it through safely. CEMEX was also able to provide the desired formulations according to what was expected by the city hall: using white cement, yellow rolled gravels, and crushed beige mixed with other colorants in order to achieve the actual colored look of the dike. Not only were these specifications met, but they were also met on time.


Whether by anonymous tourists or by famous stars, thousands of pictures will be taken of this new dike, taking images of our decorative ready-mix concrete around the world. CEMEX's active role in projects like the Saint-Tropez dike highlight CEMEX's commitment and passion for its customers.

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