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CEMEX provides innovative building solutions to customers in Spain and Ireland

Date published: September 8, 2010

CEMEX aims to help its customers achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. Some of the tailored products created to suit ready-mix concrete customers’ needs are Thermur® and Supaflo® offered in some European countries.

Innovative building solutions

Thermur being applied on facade in Spain

In Spain, the facades of buildings require special thermal insulation and protection against humidity. To respond to this need, CEMEX launched a new product named Thermur®, a multi-layer construction system formed by panels of insulating expanded polystyrene and mortars. Thermur® has the added benefit of reducing energy costs by as much as 35% during a building’s lifetime, thereby reducing its CO2 emissions and reducing its environmental impact. Thermur® is characterized by properties and advantages that no other product in the marketplace offers, such as durability, fire resistance, acoustic isolation, and decorative use.

Thermur® has just entered the market and will soon be used in various important projects in Spain.

Innovative building solutions

Supaflo at work in Ireland

In Ireland, CEMEX’s biggest contract ever with Our Lady and St. Patrick’s School in Belfast had some special requirements. Flowing screed for the school’s floor needed to be placed in a short time frame and on a tight budget. Additionally, the school has an under floor heating system specially designed to keep kids warm during Ireland’s year-round cool-to-cold weather. CEMEX responded with Supaflo® anhydrite flowing screed because of its rapid drying time, lighter weight, and excellent thermal conductivity

Supaflo® has flexible strength up to six times greater than traditional cement-based screeds. This strength allows the product to be placed substantially thinner, generating multiple advantages for customers, such as: weight reductions of up to 40%, significant energy savings due to improved thermal conductivity, and savings because of less use of material. The product also has drying and curing speeds up to 50% faster than traditional screeds.

Thanks to Supaflo®, one of many specialty concrete products offered by CEMEX, the company was able to comply with the requirements of its most important contract in Ireland ever.

Customers in both Spain and Ireland are using CEMEX’s newest products for all different types of projects with special requirements. Thermur® and Supaflo® are only two of many specialty products that the company makes available to solve customer needs worldwide.

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