CEMEX and the state of Durango, Mexico inaugurate US$250 million highway project under innovative financing plan | CEMEX News
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CEMEX and the state of Durango, Mexico inaugurate US$250 million highway project under innovative financing plan

Date published: August 26, 2010

CEMEX and the state of Durango have inaugurated the first of 10 stretches of highway totaling approximately 330 kilometers that underwent major reconstruction, recovery, and maintenance by CEMEX.

Durango Highway

The first stretch of highway was inaugurated on June 21 at a ceremony attended by Jaime Elizondo, President of CEMEX in Mexico and Ismael Hernandez Deras, Governor of Durango, which is the second-biggest silver and gold producer in Mexico. The project was funded using an innovative plan that allows the government to finance infrastructure works through CEMEX.

Durango Highway

Ismael Hernandez Deras and Jaime Elizondo cut the ribbon to inaugurate the first of 10 stretches of highway

CEMEX was chosen as the provider for this project because of the quality of its building materials and construction services. Rigid or hydraulic pavement was used as the main material, representing a major improvement over asphalt. Concrete highways guarantee better safety for families and reduced transportation costs. The project also includes maintenance activities for a period of 20 years.

The scope of the project required custom-made solutions and the ability to provide large quantities of high-quality building materials in a timely and efficient manner. In order to supply the nearly 450,000 cubic meters of ready-mix concrete, CEMEX used 12 dedicated concrete plants and 137 mixer trucks. CEMEX installed nine portable crushing plants in order to process the high amount of aggregates needed. Additionally, CEMEX provided 14 dump trucks and 12 front end loaders.

Durango Highway

A stretch of the 330km of highway

The highways project had benefits beyond improved infrastructure and savings in transportation. During the 9-month work schedule, the project created nearly 2,000 direct and indirect job opportunities for people in the community.

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