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Archaeological bridge from 211 BC found in CEMEX quarry in Germany

Date published: August 25, 2010

A rare 2200 year-old wooden bridge discovered at a CEMEX gravel pit in the Ohm valley near the city of Marburg in central Germany has been recently exhumed.

CEMEX Germany

In late 2008, geologist Dr. Ralf Urz was examining a mining section, when he discovered the remains of what appeared to be an old wooden bridge deep underground. A mutual agreement between CEMEX and the Marburg archaeological association allowed the section of the quarry to be carefully excavated and documented between April and September 2009. Recently, the entire substructure of the wooden bridge was exhumed, and traces of a Celtic settlement were also found.

CEMEX Germany

The substructure of the wooden bridge, originally four to five metres in width and about 25 meters in length, was dated to the summer of 211 BC thanks to the good state of preservation of its posts. The Niederwald bridge consisted of ten to twenty centimeters strong oak logs with carefully worked pointed ends that had been driven deep into the ground. Several split half trunks and planks can be allocated to the superstructure of the bridge which did not withstand the course of the times. It comprises the time from the fifth pre-Christian century to the beginning of the Common Era. There are very few comparable bridges in Europe.

CEMEX Germany

The former inhabitants of the Ohm valley were able to cross the river dry-shod via the bridge or move across with carts. Remains of a settlement dating from this period were also found in the gravel pit area in immediate proximity. Many items were also discovered, a great way of further understanding the life of this Celtic settlement.

These two major archaeological findings highlight CEMEX’s commitment to land management as part of its Global Sustainability Strategy.

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