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CEMEX in the UK donates 2000 year old artifacts discovered in quarry sites

Date published: August 17, 2010

CEMEX in the UK has donated several Bronze Age (3,000-600 BC) and Roman Age (1-400 AD) artifacts to the Reading Museum in the county of Berkshire in southeastern England. The artifacts were unearthed in an active quarry site in the Reading area approximately 30 years ago and will be displayed in the museum for local people and visitors to learn more about the heritage and Reading’s ancient residents.

Andy Spencer and Tom Stanway

CEMEX in the UK Sustainability Director Andy Spencer and Councillor Tom Stanway from the Reading Council for culture hold up two donated artifacts

The donated artifacts consisted of a "logboat coffin" carrying the remains of a Roman woman, and two swords from the same period. The coffin, which dates back to 50-150 AD, is a hollow tree trunk made into a canoe shape with the hollow extended to accommodate the body of a woman in her fifties. The lid had collapsed in the coffin, resulting in the skeleton and lid being in pieces when uncovered.


Picture of the coffin shortly after being unearthed nearly 30 years ago

Reading was a commercial and religious hub with strong royal connections during medieval times. Today, it remains an important business city with links to information technology and insurance. Reading is home to two major universities and has a large student population. The Reading Corporation’s Free Library and Museum was constructed in 1879 and is housed in the city’s Town Hall, which dates back to 1786.

This donation highlights CEMEX’s commitment to foster culture in the communities around its operations as part of its global Sustainable Development Strategy.

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