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CEMEX in the Philippines hosts summit to help build sustainable, ‘green’ future

Date published: August 9, 2010

On July 21, 2010 in the city of Manila, CEMEX hosted a summit that gathered leaders and pioneers from the Philippines construction industry and allied communities and industries involved in various outreach projects in the country. The summit gathered participants to forge partnerships in building a sustainable and environmentally-responsible future for the Philippines.

CEMEX Philippines

The first part of the meeting, entitled “Gathering Hands: Sustainability at Work”, aimed to achieve a “meeting of minds” among various industry stakeholders. It featured presentations from representatives of Aboitiz Power Corporation, Ayala Land, Conservation International, the National Eco-labeling Board of the Philippines, Pilipinas Shell, Synergeia Foundation, and TSPI Development Corporation. Industry stakeholders also spoke on various topics including organizational competitiveness, renewable energy, stakeholder engagement and product eco-labeling.

CEMEX Philippines

CEMEX Asia Regional President Jaime Ruiz De Haro welcomes guests

The second part of the summit entitled “Building the Future—The CEMEX Way” included an audiovisual presentation of the CEMEX Building the Future launch showing the team effort behind the development of innovative CEMEX products, such as an all-purpose masonry cement with a patented formulation that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 32% when used as a substitute for ordinary Portland cement in masonry works.

CEMEX officials presented the company’s innovations in competitiveness, health and safety, alternative fuels and energy conservation, customer service, and corporate social responsibility. Part of the introduction of each speaker was the presentation of his or her unique handprint on live cement symbolizing the unique ways he or she is committed or has contributed to a sustainable future. A massive cement portrait containing all the speakers’ handprints was put on display later in the evening during the Fellowship Event.

CEMEX Philippines

Environmentalist Neric Acosta talks about ecosystem protection and sustainability

“We seek to foster positive, long-term relationships with key stakeholders in order to work with them in addressing the challenges of sustainability,” said CEMEX Asia President Jaime Ruiz De Haro. “It’s not just about what and where we build. It’s about the way we build. CEMEX is building the future and we invite all stakeholders, not just our business partners but also the society at large, to join us.”

CEMEX in the Philippines’ role in this landmark summit highlights the company’s worldwide efforts in stakeholder outreach as part of its global Sustainable Development Strategy.

CEMEX Philippines

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