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CEMEX in Europe aids communities during extensive flood

Date published: August 3, 2010

During the aftermath of Central Europe’s catastrophic flood in June, 2010, CEMEX undertook multiple efforts to help communities around its sites, especially those in Poland and northeastern Hungary, where the flood was at its worst. A devastating series of weather events occurred across several Central European countries causing floods and the unfortunate consequent evacuation of over 23,000 people.

Wheel loader

Wheel loader with certified operators to support in clearing roads

In Hungary, the village of Szendrõ in Borsod County was particularly affected by the rising of the Bódva, Sajó and Hernád rivers to levels never seen before, forcing some 1,500 people out of their homes and cutting many villages off from external communication. While some 12,000 emergency workers, soldiers, and volunteers laid sandbags to manage the flooding across Borsod County, more help was needed.


Szendrõ, a village in north-eastern Hungary

CEMEX in Hungary provided help by offering the Central Disaster Recovery Office tools and machinery to help drain the water and clear roads, such as plunger pumps, a power generator, and a wheel loader with certified operators. CEMEX also offered especially discounted prices on all materials needed for recovery works, such as washed sand, washed gravel, classified gravel, ready-mix concrete, pumping services, and paving stones.

In Poland, CEMEX provided support by donating the material needed to reinforce the floodbanks in the Dobrzyków area within the Gąbin municipality. A mobile plant was also offered to the Crisis Management Center to help floodbank work in the city of Warsaw.

CEMEX is proud to have participated in the efforts to mitigate the unfortunate effects of this devastating flood, highlighting its global commitment to foster the well-being of local communities around CEMEX operations.

pumps pumps

Pumps provided by CEMEX, making tasks easier in the community around Szendrõ CEMEX plunger pumps helped drain water

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