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CEMEX supports victims of hurricane Alex with home construction program

Date published: July 26, 2010

CEMEX will support the construction and repair of homes in ten municipalities of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon as part of its ongoing program to assist those affected in Northern Mexico by hurricane Alex.

Construction Program

With this objective, CEMEX will install a Centro Productivo de Autoempleo (Productive Self-Employment Center) in each one of the municipalities so that residents can produce cement blocks for two purposes:

  • To provide blocks to those who lost their homes so they can build up to 200 basic constructions with the necessary elements to be habitable. CEMEX will donate all required materials as well as equip each Center with the necessary machinery and provide training for participants.
  • To provide blocks so neighbors can repair their damaged homes. CEMEX will assist in this by donating 50 tons of cement to each of the 10 municipalities.

The municipal governments will assign parcels of land for the centers to be installed, will select participating families, and will be in charge of providing professionals to supervise the construction process.

As part of its program to help the victims of hurricane Alex, in the past days CEMEX has distributed 250 tons of humanitarian aid in Nuevo Leon, and 125 tons in Coahuila. The company also held a fund-raising campaign in which it matched all employee cash donations 2-to-1.

This assistance program for victims of hurricane Alex highlights CEMEX's efforts to collaborate for the wellbeing of its communities as part of its Sustainable Development Strategy.

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