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CEMEX in the US takes to the skies and forms new sustainability partnership

Date published: July 23, 2010

In March 2010, two employees from CEMEX’s Kosmos Cement plant in Louisville, Kentucky rescued a Cooper’s hawk they found clinging to life due to a broken wing atop a limestone pile. The hawk was taken back to the plant and the team contacted the Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary thereby ensuring the wellbeing of the animal and setting the groundwork for a new partnership.

CEMEX in the US

The hawk, named Kosmo by Broadbent’s team, had surgery by Broadbent veterinarian Michael O’Bryan to fix its wing. Within six weeks, Kosmo was moved into a flight cage, where it could practice short flights and increase its strength. In late May, Broadbent’s Wildlife Rehabilitator, Betty Donald, called the Louisville plant with good news. Kosmo was ready to fly again.

The plant’s employees built a release platform on top of a silo and watched as Kosmo was released back into the skies. In a matter of minutes Kosmo had reunited with his mate and flew circles around the plant as if to say “thank you”.

The Broadbent employees were impressed by the Louisville team’s commitment to protecting the wildlife around their plant. They asked if the CEMEX plant would be willing to serve as a release site for other birds of prey and rehabilitated animals. CEMEX said yes, and additional release platforms were constructed on the plant’s property. Just days after Kosmo took flight; the Broadbent team released three rehabilitated great horned owls.

Kosmo can thank CEMEX and Broadbent for his life, and they can thank Kosmo for laying the groundwork for an environmental partnership that will undoubtedly last for many years. Broadbent is a non-profit organization, that rescues sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.

This partnership between CEMEX in the USA and Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary highlights the type of mutual beneficial relationships CEMEX makes with stakeholders in its communities.

This new relationship between CEMEX in the US and a stakeholder in its community highlights the type of partnerships that are part of the company’s Global Sustainability Strategy.

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