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CEMEX in Spain goes the extra mile to promote excellence in sustainability among suppliers

Date published: July 20, 2010

CEMEX in Spain has launched a new program to foster sustainable practices among its suppliers by helping them align their own practices to the company’s sustainability policies. CEMEX will assist those interested by offering information and guidance on how to reach the highest levels of sustainable performance.

CEMEX in Spain

Providers who are able to comply with CEMEX’s sustainability standards will be rewarded by being considered preferred suppliers and will be given the ECOOPERANDO (ECO-COOPERATING) seal of approval. This is the first time suppliers will be eligible to receive this recognition, as it was previously used exclusively to distinguish CEMEX products or installations that showed exceptional environmental practices.

Until a supplier reaches the ECOOPERANDO designation, CEMEX will analyze its progress and will designate them with one of three preliminary grades based on their performance in key social responsibility, environmental performance, and commitment-based objectives. Suppliers will receive a weighted score in each category, resulting in a final score from 0 to 100, and placing them in one of the three following categories:

  • 0-30: Operating
  • 31-60: Operating with the Environment
  • 61-90: Cooperating with the Environment
  • Over 90: ECOOPERANDO

To reach the ECOOPERANDO distinction, a company must apply all sustainable development policies and procedures in its different business areas, ensuring ongoing compliance and continuous improvement company-wide.

CEMEX will take special care to ensure that smaller suppliers with fewer resources have equal access to the highest-quality information and processes needed to be successful in the program. This is in line with the company’s global policy of supporting small and locally based suppliers in an effort to create jobs, broaden their skills, stimulate economic growth, and help them become more sustainable.

CEMEX understands that its sustainability efforts depend on the support and participation of its supply chain partners. The company actively collaborates with all suppliers to achieve mutual business and sustainability goals.

This program being implemented by CEMEX in Spain highlight’s the company’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices among suppliers as part of its Global Sustainability Strategy.

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