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CEMEX is recognized by the European Aggregates Association (UEPG)

Date published: June 18, 2010

CEMEX has earned recognition in the 2010 UEPG (European Aggregates Association) Sustainable Development Awards, showcase of the European Aggregates Industry, highlighting CEMEX’s efforts to work responsibly towards a more sustainable future.

An independent jury of internationally renowned experts in the fields of biodiversity, conservation, health and safety, and mining engineering selected CEMEX as the winner in the categories of Economic Contribution to Society and the Health & Safety Best Practice Award. The company also received a Certificate of Excellence nomination.

The following projects received the two awards and nomination:

Economic Contribution to Society Award

CEMEX in Spain: Economic Contribution to Society Award
Through a 275 thousand euro restoration project, in collaboration with local authorities, CEMEX’s Montserrat quarry has been able to make aggregate extraction compatible with the recovery of an historical and cultural site in Spain: the castle “Castellet dels Alcans”.

CEMEX has worked to regain part of the wall that delimits the surface of the castle, declared as an asset of cultural interest and located within our quarry. CEMEX performed cleaning, excavation and documentation activities inside the castle grounds, where new remains of the castle were discovered.

Health & Safety Best Practice Special Award Health & Safety Best Practice Special Award

CEMEX in Austria: Health & Safety Best Practice Special Award
CEMEX implemented a program to reduce stress, motivate employees, prevent and reduce accidents, and improve work schedules. The stress management program was applied in all 70 locations within CEMEX in Austria resulting in both improved efficiency in the operating processes and the achievement of CEMEX’s ultimate safety goal: 0 accidents in 2009.

CEMEX in France: Economic Contribution to Society Certificate of Excellence
CEMEX has adopted the railway as an alternative means of transport for its aggregates quarry in Albi, a commune in southern France. CEMEX joined efforts for this project with two other companies, Eternit and IMERYS Quartz, and has been able to reactivate the freight activity on an old railway. The project has received the support of the representatives of the communes near the quarry. The quarry is evolving to make a balance between environment, society, and economy while continuing to meet the demand of its customers.

The UEPG, created as a non-profit organization 13 years ago, represents the interest of stone, sand and gravel associations in Europe. Its activities focus on a wide range of the aggregates industry topics such as technical and economic topics, health & safety, and environmental issues, among others.

These three recent recognitions highlight CEMEX’s continuous efforts to contribute to our local communities and to improve our work environment in support of our global Sustainable Development Strategy.

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