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CEMEX lays the foundation of artificial lake as part of 240 million Euro project in Germany

Date published: May 31, 2010

More than 230,000 tons of materials originating from CEMEX’s Ambrock Greywacke and Stenden Quarries in Germany will be used to build an artificial 24-hectare lake in Dortmund, Germany. Intended for leisure activities such as fishing or swimming, and also functioning as a flood-control reservoir, Lake Phoenix will be a special attraction at a multi-functional urban development project of 200 hectares, built on former steel works premises. The overall investment of this project is approximately 240 million Euros.

artificial lake

"Lake Phoenix is an important prestige project for the city of Dortmund and the participating companies", emphasizes Sebastian Nyssen, site manager of Frauenrath, the construction company in charge of the project. "Highest quality demands are made as to the aggregates and all the materials used. All of the products and components are subject to prior sampling and approval by the constructor".

The materials provided by CEMEX for the Lake Phoenix project are:

  • Quality-controlled greywacke water blocks that will be used for the profiling of the artificial islands and for building the dam and that will prevent the river from wearing away.
  • Stones of higher weight that will support and design the new river bed of the Emscher River.
  • Compact and fine-pored stone from the Ambrock quarry that will form the bottom of natural shallow water zones and that will protect the islands against wave effects.
  • Special sands and stone chips from the Stenden Gravel Quarry that will serve as a foundation for the lake.

"In water construction the materials are exposed to particular loads", explains Ingo Bisterfeld, CEMEX sales manager. "Greywacke rock from Ambrock proved to be very worthwhile". Close to 65,000 tons of these specially selected materials will fill the base before the flooding of Lake Phoenix in October 2010.

CEMEX and its products are now part of a change to restore former industrial premises into lively urban housing with recreational value.

CEMEX’s active role on this mega-project in Dortmund, Germany is one of many initiatives that highlight CEMEX’s commitment and passion for its customers.

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