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CEMEX reinforces its commitment to education in Colombia and Dominican Republic

Date published: May 21, 2010

Education is one of the best investments you can make if you want to contribute to the long-term welfare of a community. With this in mind, CEMEX in Colombia and the Dominican Republic have recently fostered its efforts to give local students better educational opportunities.


In Colombia, CEMEX has donated two classrooms for 10th and 11th grade students at La Palma school near the city of Tolima as part of its partnership with the Buenos Aires Educational Program. The program seeks to improve the quality and scope of education in rural areas, as well as to strengthen the values of social interaction and community relations. Thanks to this effort 50 students will use the classroom this year, but more importantly these classrooms will continue to serve future generations for many years to come.

With this first contribution, CEMEX formalizes its alliance with the program, and takes the first step in a series of initiatives that will improve the educational infrastructure in Tolima and its surrounding rural areas.

In the Dominican Republic, CEMEX is also betting on education by being one of the main sponsors of the XIII International Book Fair of Santo Domingo and sponsoring the attendance of 150 children from the San Pedro de Macoris area. The students, from ages 6 to 16, were able to enjoy the stimulating cultural environment.

In the Dominican Republic, CEMEX leads many pro-education activities, which include the donation of basic school supplies for early and advanced education, teaching material, and teacher training which benefit over 3,000 children in the country. Additionally, CEMEX supports three schools participating in the Ecoschool initiative, an international environmental education program that teaches students about specific environmental issues such as energy, water usage and waste management.

These various pro-education initiatives in Colombia and the Dominican Republic highlight CEMEX’s global efforts to foster positive and long-term relationships with local communities as part of our Sustainable Development Strategy.

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