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First concrete recycling facility in southwestern France is opened by CEMEX

Date published: May 20, 2010

CEMEX in France recently opened the first concrete recycling facility in Southwestern France at the aggregates site of St-Sever.

concrete recycling in France

The facility is able to recycle up to 100 tons per hour of returned ready-mix concrete from surrounding construction sites thanks to an agreement between CEMEX and ROY TP, the company in charge of transporting unused ready-mix concrete to the recycling facility. At the St-Sever site, both companies work together converting the returned ready-mix concrete into a new, useful product. The result is more than 50,000 metric tons of road-base aggregates that can be commercialized to road building companies for applications such as the foundations of pavement.

This recycling process enjoys a double advantage because it creates value for a by-product by giving it a new use after it is transformed, but it also saves a considerable amount of natural non-renewable resources. Aggregates produced from this process do not come from the traditional extraction operations at the aggregate sites.

CEMEX France is now expanding this process, together with its partner Roy TP, by having several ready-mix concrete facilities stocking returned concrete and then transporting it to the recycling facility in St-Sever.

This effort highlights one of many actions being undertaken worldwide as part of CEMEX's commitment to operational excellence.

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