CEMEX France announces tool that measures CO2 emissions of ready-mix concrete production, Optim’CO2 | CEMEX News
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CEMEX France announces tool that measures CO2 emissions of ready-mix concrete production, Optim’CO21

Date published: April 21, 2010

Optim’CO2, is a tool that measures the greenhouse effect gases (GEG) generated from the production of ready-mix concrete from raw materials to delivery. The tool, currently available only in France, is the first of its kind in the building materials industry and expresses its results in GEG kilograms per cubic meter of ready-mix concrete delivered.

CEMEX in France

With the information generated by Optim’CO2, CEMEX is able to detect the exact stage in which GEGs are being generated, find ways to reduce them and continue its practice of offering "ecologically-transparent" products. The tool also provides crucial information for our customers as they strive to create buildings with diminished environmental impact.

"As the number one concrete company in the world, CEMEX has a strong commitment with the environment", says Michel André, President of CEMEX France. "We are therefore in constant search of ways to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, according to the compromises established by our sustainable development policy."


This innovation is another step in our global commitment to disclose and audit our carbon emissions in support of CEMEX’s Sustainable Development Model.


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