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CEMEX Building Award

Testimonies from Winners

“This award commits us to continue designing sustainable spaces and for all”.

Chufani Corporate Offices
Sergio Chufani
1st place in Accessibility Congruence

“Receiving this award represents the culmination of an effort and encourages us to continue to innovate.”

Luis Gabriel Orozco Padilla
Modular system in concrete for permeable floors
1st place in Innovation Processes and Techniques Constructive

“What I like most about this award is that CEMEX has established his posture not based on the scale but from the intensity of the project.”

Rafael Barona
Recuperación de Barranca
1st place in Urbanism

“It is a great honor for the entire team that we have been recognized by the CEMEX Building Award. It represents a pat on the back for arduous teamwork, the collective effort to strengthen a millennium culture as well as preserve, enrich, and divulge our historical, archeological, and artistic wealth through the Museum.”

Josefina Rivas Acevedo (Architect)
Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Mérida
Winner in the Category of National and International Accessibility

“To make one deserving of the CEMEX Building Award, besides being something which gives great pride, it is also an enormous responsibility that encourages us day to day to continue doing things right. To obtain such a prestigious award changes our perspective; we have met people who are valuable and interesting in the same. Without a doubt, the fruits of this Award are just beginning.”

Marco Ríos (Architect)
Casa RM
Winner in the Category of Single Family Residential

“The Project for the Shelter for students with scholarships from the UAZ was the opportunity that while doing architecture, our service to heighten and preserve the quality of life of the students was consolidated. Without a doubt, the greatest challenge was the limitation of economic resources. The shelter’s project was the result of the optimization of other resources: creative, esthetic, spatial, constructive, energetic, and ecological.

To be recognized by the CEMEX Building Award is an incentive to continue in line with the projects of high social impact. Focusing our professional exercise to contribute to the equitable and sustainable development of Mexico.”

Fatima Chavarria (Architect)
Shelter for students with scholarships from the UAZ
Winner in the Category of Public Services and Assistance