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Velimir Vilović

Velimir Vilović

Commercial & Logistics Director


In my view, the qualities that a colleague needs to thrive in our company’s culture are: a willingness to learn continuously; an execution mentality; a customer orientation—both external and internal; and leadership—the ability to inspire and unleash the best from each individual.

I graduated in 1996 from Zagreb University with a major in International Trade. In 1998, I joined RMC as an export manager in Croatia. RMC was acquired by CEMEX in 2005. I remember watching our new CEO's greeting in which he mentioned “exciting times ahead of us.” Frankly speaking, at that time, I did not realize the full depth of those words; the real excitement had just started!

“CEMEX is different.”

A couple of months later, I was sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish a CEMEX company. Before the end of 2005, I became the first Director of a newly founded CEMEX’s company in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the same time, I was a member of Board of Directors of CEMEX’s daughter company in Montenegro. In early 2006, I became a member of the team that started, and implemented the process of reshaping of our commercial strategy, which resulted in partnerships with almost 500 business clients, producers and retailers across our local markets.

CEMEX sponsored my MBA studies at IEDC business school in Bled, Slovenia, from which I graduated in December 2006. In early 2008, I became Director of Human Resources in Croatia, and I led the department for the next two years. I believe that very few companies are truly open to cross-departmental moves, but CEMEX is different. We see that such moves really increase the potential for career growth. Furthermore, I was most impressed by the amount of attention and effort that CEMEX puts on some concepts, which for other organizations are just “buzzwords.” The best example is Health and Safety. Our management meetings always start with safety as the first topic and the message is clear—safety comes first. We genuinely care that all of our workers and contractors return home from work just as safely as they came to work in the morning.

Two years later, I returned to the commercial area, leading CEMEX Croatia's commercial and logistics department throughout Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. I look forward to new excitement, bearing in mind one famous quote: “The most important question to ask on the job is not 'What am I getting?'; the most important question to ask is 'What am I becoming?'”. At CEMEX, we all have a great opportunity to become better people and better professionals.

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