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The mission of the Technology team is to guarantee that CEMEX comprehends, and utilizes world-class technology to ensure the competitive leadership of our production facilities. We build market and competitive technology intelligence for the development, evaluation, and integration of new production technologies and processes into our company.



Our goal is to ensure that we remain at the forefront of knowledge on industrial processing. This will allow us to identify relevant and successful new developments, at an early stage, in our technology market and other related industries, so these innovations can be promptly adopted by our operations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our plants. We must have a clear understanding of technology trends and other relevant megatrends in the world, to adopt or develop the production technology required for CEMEX to remain one of the leading companies in our business.

Be part of the challenge

In this area, we look for technologically savvy people, who are eager to look for new ways of doing old things. We look for people with a passion for materials science, thermodynamics, chemistry and other process-related disciplines, who will make technology the center of their work and self-achievement, while maintaining a deep business orientation. It is fundamental that our people be skillful team-workers—with important communication capabilities—able to lead, and drive internal and external networks of expertise in pursuit of technological challenges.