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Ricardo Naya

Ricardo Naya

Commercial Vice-President


I joined CEMEX immediately after my graduation from college. At that time, the country was in the middle of a severe crisis. The first thing I learned, as a planning analyst at Mexico, is that CEMEX always gives challenging opportunities in high impact projects, regardless of seniority.

What I like about CEMEX is that we push for more: to innovate, to change, to be different, to break paradigms, to share, to learn from others, to take risks, to leverage the benefits of the newest technologies, and to be responsible and accountable for our performance. For all of these reasons, I consider this a great place to work, develop, enjoy, and have fun.

Some people might think that working in the basic construction materials industry is not very attractive, but we are helping others to build their dream house, the tallest buildings, the longest bridges and the cities of the future.

During my journey from different positions, CEMEX has offered me a tremendous opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I have had the opportunity to travel to almost all of the places where CEMEX has operations, and have met hundreds of extraordinary people that make this a great place to work.

I find working in CEMEX invigorating because we are all surrounded by extremely professional, committed and motivated individuals; from the top management team that drives our company to the wheeloader operator in any of our plants. We have the right balance of highly experienced managers and young entrepreneurial executives.

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