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Research & Development

The mission of the Product Development & Construction Trends group is to identify opportunities, threats and challenges in the construction industry, and to develop innovative and competitive construction products and solutions that fulfill our operations’ and our markets’ needs. We lead, and coordinate research and development (R&D) activities through CEMEX’s laboratories. We articulate networks, and provide platforms to maximize the use of our facilities and resources—fostering agile technology transfer.

Research and Development


We work on such different areas as binder technology, concrete, aggregates and admixtures. And adopt an interdisciplinary approach to take advantage of the company’s strong vertical integration in the construction materials value chain. We foresee opportunities, threats and challenges in the industry, and at the same time strive to find creative solutions that lower the CO2 footprint, improve the service life of structures, increase the energy efficiency of buildings, use recycled materials, and foster safe and healthy practices.

Additionally, we must also show our operations how to use sustainable practices in the industry when building with cement-based materials. Ultimately, the group is responsible for coordinating the development and deployment of new construction products and solutions. This is achieved through CEMEX’s technological agenda, which will guide our company’s efforts to create value in the building materials industry.

Be part of the challenge

The group promotes, and adopts a multidisciplinary approach to R&D. We incorporate a proper mix of talent from different disciplines, complemented by people with important operations experience. In our state-of-the art Central R&D laboratory and our Global Center for Technology and Innovation in Switzerland, passionate, competitive and highly motivated employees—including research scientists (chemists, physicists, geologists, materials scientists), engineers, architects, business researchers and industrialization experts—work side-by-side to generate novel, creative ideas which we can rapidly bring to market. Teamwork, the ability to communicate and flexibility are key elements for successful innovation. Group members are encouraged to proactively propose ideas and solutions, and to assume responsibility. Team members must be able to integrate different disciplines in elaborating solutions, and to execute them with agility on a global scale.