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In CEMEX, we develop long-term relationships with our suppliers built on trust and our core values: collaboration, integrity and leadership. The mission of the Procurement Department is to build on these relationships while acquiring the goods and services the company needs to operate globally, leveraging our team expertise at local and regional levels to perform these activities in a timely and effective manner. At a corporate level, the department runs global negotiations and orchestrates operating standards.



CEMEX’s Procurement Department strives to build strong alliances with vendors, who value our guiding principles and can provide the best solution for our company in the short and long term. We continuously innovate our way of acquiring goods and services to maximize efficiency and overall business sustainability. We are constantly encouraged to find alternative solutions for our internal customers to meet their needs in the most efficient way.

Be part of the challenge

We welcome creative individuals who enjoy the art of negotiation, and take pleasure in finding alternative solutions to a problem. To be successful in this team, knowledge on negotiation is needed, as well as financial and accounting skills, but most importantly, we value people skills such as team work and leadership, as well as an unquestionable integrity to perform in this department.