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Strategic Planning

In Strategic Planning, we directly impact the future direction of the company by helping to define CEMEX’s strategic direction and main priorities. Our mission is to maximize CEMEX’s profitable growth, to do so we propose a vision of the company’s future, anticipate macro- and microeconomic trends, prioritize the businesses and geographies to focus on, and allocate the company’s investment dollars. We also provide senior management with the necessary analyses and recommendations for effective decision-making through budgeting, investment (capital expenditure) evaluation and approval, and economic analyses of our markets, as well as strategic planning.

Strategic Planning


Our challenge is to harness the company’s creativity in order to continue growing profitability despite increased competition, industry consolidation and changes in the business cycles of different regions and countries. We do this is by, for example, serving as a liaison between senior management, staff areas and operations. We collaborate, and engage with all areas of the business, as well as external stakeholders, to gather the best, most complete information for efficient decision-making. We drive organizational change, and execute the initiatives that make us more competitive, and prepare us to take advantage of opportunities.

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Our team members have varied educational and cultural backgrounds, combining knowledge from business development, financial planning, information management and strategic consulting, among other specialties. To succeed in this area you need strong analytical, communication, creativity and collaboration skills. This fast-paced work provides different challenges every day and an enriching career opportunity.