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Martin Langvad

Martin Langvad

Operations & Technology VP

Northern Europe

Working in a company that is up for sale creates uncertainty and is always a little confusing and strange. This was my situation as I worked for APO Cement in the fall of 1998. The first very positive thing I noticed, was the difference between the CEMEX people executing the due diligence process and the people from the other companies. The CEMEX team consisted of people from several nationalities, which gave a good impression of continuing employment opportunities.

At the time of the takeover, I was responsible for building a new plant, and had around six months to start up what was basically a new kiln line. As soon as we had the plant up and running at full capacity, my career at CEMEX took off as I joined the post-merger integration (PMI) team evaluating the Assiut cement business in Egypt. The CEMEX culture of collaboration and leadership was evident from the very start as the team consisted of people from more than 10 nationalities, which made it a fantastic experience.

After the PMI finished, I was offered the opportunity to stay with Assiut as Technical Director. This was an extraordinary time of my life with strong leadership and a clear professional task, executed with a high standard of results.

“People can advance regardless of nationality and education.”

After two years in Egypt, I moved back to Asia as Technical Vice President, responsible for all technical matters across the region. This too was a fantastic period, which again demonstrated strong and clear leadership with attainable objectives. My position evolved into Vice President of Operations for the Philippines and Technical Vice President for Asia.

At the end of 2004, I was included in the PMI team for the RMC takeover: first, as PMI operations leader for Eastern Europe and, later, as the overall PMI operations leader. In the middle of 2005, I was appointed Technical and Operations Vice President for CEMEX in the Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia Region (EMEA&A). In this position, I had the pleasure of leading a small group of highly professional people from all over the world, which achieved improvements in such key areas as alternative fuels usage, clinker production and maintenance cost optimization, and control.

Through all of these years, the key principles I have experienced are collaboration, integrity, leadership and the diversity of CEMEX people, as well as the work ethic shown by all of my colleagues from around the world. At CEMEX, people can advance to any level or position in the company regardless of nationality and education as long as they work hard and are committed.

Currently I am in charge of the company’s cement operations in Northern Europe, comprised of Germany, Poland and Latvia, as well as the Regional Vice President of Technology for EMEA&A. As always, the company’s diversity and leadership are the sources of satisfaction and improvement.

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