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Jürgen Winkelmann

Jürgen Winkelmann

VP Human Resources

Northern Europe & Germany

During my 13 years with CEMEX, I have had the opportunity to grow in several roles: I started as the head of business development in Germany, was given the responsibility to run the country’s IT department, was assigned to corporate strategy in the UK, played a leading role in a post-merger integration process, and am now the Vice President of Human Resources for CEMEX Germany. The company has allowed me to change roles, cultures, languages and functions at a constant pace. This variety of experiences has enriched my professional and personal life.

“I am passionate about diversity and change;
that is part of CEMEX’s DNA!”

Today, as the Vice President for Human Resources in Germany, I am committed to driving diversity and change. The diversity of talent in this country and across CEMEX worldwide is reflected in the recruiting process, in succession planning, in the deployment of careers, and in the further development of our leadership model and practices. Furthermore, change is mandatory due to the evolving business environment, and rapid transformation is a critical factor for competitive success. Within human resources at CEMEX, I am part of our engine for change—change processes are on my daily agenda.

For me, CEMEX is and has always been a place where diversity and change are “built-in.” Our future success depends strongly on our leadership ability to use diversity to drive change, and to adapt more rapidly than our competitors.

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