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Human Resources

Our mission is to enable people to contribute to our business objectives, and achieve their personal and career goals. It’s our job to make sure that we have talented people across the organization that can execute our business strategy and envision CEMEX’s future. We achieve this goal by developing our people, placing the best talent in the right role at the right time, and establishing robust incentive structures. In addition, we seek to ensure a safe, positive, fair and ethical work environment that promotes a high-performance culture while enabling individuals to perform at their best.

Human Resources


It is critical for us to attract, identify, select, develop, and retain the best talent. Furthermore, we strive to continuously enhance our work environment, and expect our leaders to engage with their teams in an effective way that supports business growth. We ensure that the company has the right talent—in quantity and quality—to fill critical positions, and we develop the organizational capabilities that support CEMEX’s strategy to constantly reinvent, and evolve our business.

Be part of the challenge

Human Resources offers you a great opportunity to help build the organizational capabilities that will lead to CEMEX’s success.

Caring about people, both personally and professionally, is critical to our work. Team members must be open to new ideas, and skilled at listening, building alliances, exercising influence, and empathizing with others. In addition to consulting and organizational development experience, team members must also have the desire to influence our leadership capabilities, the ability to work in changing situations, to deal effectively with change management, and measure impact.