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Ernesto Félix

Ernesto Felix

VP Cement Operations & Technology


There are three fundamental reasons for which I joined CEMEX:

  • The desire to be part of a company that provides me with ample opportunities for development in various areas and has a global presence that allows me to interact with diverse cultures
  • The employee development program
  • The desire to be part of a team that had successfully positioned CEMEX as a global company with a presence in more than 50 countries

CEMEX culture thrives on enthusiasm, new challenges, hard work and the desire to be better. These are the attitudes that enable our company to achieve—and surpass—its goals.

During my time at CEMEX I have had the opportunity to work in various places, countries and cultures. Because of these experiences, I now have a more global and conciliatory perspective; I find opportunities in differences. I started as a Processes Specialist working in the plants; now I oversee and support the integrated strategy of the business, and it is very rewarding.

“I find opportunities in differences.”

The greatest challenge of my career at CEMEX occurred when I began leading work teams at the cement plants. Going from working with machines, calculations and efficiencies, to managing people was a fundamental change in my career. I soon realized that in managing people, the relationship must be reciprocal; we as team leaders have to provide people with the necessary tools, leadership and direction, among other things, in order to receive excellent work from them and the support necessary to achieve the objectives and goals.

I enjoy very much working here; specially working with the great people that this company has. CEMEX greatest assets are its culture and people!

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