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Communications & Public Affairs

Our Corporate Communications and Public Affairs team is responsible for building, and preserving CEMEX’s positive reputation. We research, develop, articulate, and align our company’s messages, and then communicate them to internal and external stakeholders in a way that achieves the best possible impact. We also address any negative messages that circulate about our company. Our ultimate purpose is to help CEMEX be perceived in each of our operations around the world as what it truly is: the employer of choice, the neighbor of choice and the partner of choice.

Communications and Public Affairs


A key challenge for our area is to continually define, and revise CEMEX’s positions on key worldwide issues. We then communicate, and explain these positions to our executives so that they can make the most out of their ongoing conversations with various internal and external audiences, from employees and customers to governments and NGOs.

We work every day to help our stakeholders recognize all the positive contributions that CEMEX makes to the world. We also have a robust internal approach that fosters collaboration and coordination between all the functional areas of the business.

Be part of the challenge

We welcome people from all educational and cultural backgrounds who excel at team-work and collaboration. We also find that people with strong analytical, social and writing skills thrive in our group. If you are looking to be part of a team that every day works to overcome new challenges, then you will find the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs area an interesting career option.