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Our mission in the Commercial area is to position CEMEX as customers’ partner of choice for all types of building projects. We build and nurture relationships with customers, and provide them advice to ensure that the product or service they purchase is effective and optimal for both their short- and long-term needs.



As we are the team directly responsible for cash-flow generation today and in the future, our work has a direct impact on business results. Our biggest challenge is to maintain healthy customer relationships that lead to loyalty. We often undertake the sometimes challenging work of balancing customers’ needs with CEMEX’s need to optimize its business operations. We must understand the unique needs of each of our clients—no two are the same—in order to provide them the right solution; often we must adjust our suggestions to their changing conditions and a variety of scenarios. Our day-to-day activities include constantly monitoring performance indicators, an exciting and challenging part of the job.

Be part of the challenge

The commercial team has a mix of skills that range from strong interpersonal communications and good administrative abilities to a detailed technical understanding of our products and their uses. Working in this area requires you to be agile and savvy in order to support current and potential customers and strengthens your negotiation, conflict-management, environmental-analysis, consulting, problem-solving and commercial skills.