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Anke Schneider

Anke Schneider

Senior Manager Financial Planning


Before I joined CEMEX, originally as a Sales Controller, I spent several years in the controllers department of national real estate and beverage corporations. I was attracted to CEMEX by the challenge of playing an active part in an international corporation, and now I have acquired great experience in my current role as a Senior Manager in Financial Planning.

At CEMEX, we constantly encounter international projects for improving processes, and implementing best practices. Here, we can continuously extend our knowledge about the way certain situations are handled, and resolved in other countries—always with the goal of creating a competitive advantage for CEMEX. To this end, an open mind toward different cultures is essential!

“I can make a positive difference at CEMEX.”

For example, right from the start, I participated in an international project, implementing a new SAP system. During the project, I learned that each culture has its own operating methods and procedures and that the way of thinking of my colleagues in other countries was not only complementary to my own, but also enriched the project.

I know that through my active involvement and on my own initiative I can make a positive difference at CEMEX. I can say it doesn’t get boring at CEMEX! There is always a new and exciting challenge waiting for a solution.

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