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Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer

Sustainability Director


CEMEX attracted me because of its clear commitment to make a positive change in the environment and society. I joined the company in March 2006, and the remainder of that year and 2007 was an intense challenge—building a new team, managing environmental sustainability, taking a lead on developing strategies and action plans, and exploring customer demands.

To succeed in CEMEX, personal drive, collaboration, flexibility and innovative thinking are essential skills. I enjoy the results-focused culture and collective desire to succeed. As a result, change happens very quickly.

“CEMEX is committed to make a positive change
in the environment and society.”

After an intense but successful 2007, I finished early for Christmas due to the birth of my daughter. Three days after she was born, the phone rang informing me that I had been selected to act as Sustainability Director! I was both delighted, and proud; and was formally appointed in March 2008.

We had a new Country Manager and senior team, so this was a real opportunity for further improvement and change. We analyzed stakeholders’ views and marketplace and competitor trends. Then, we developed, and quickly deployed such innovative strategies as multi-site ISO 14001 implementation, responsible sourcing, carbon modeling and employee training programs. This enabled our business to remain competitive in changing markets, reduce its impact on the environment and society, contribute to a more sustainable building industry, and empower all of our employees to make a difference. We have achieved all of this through a talented team, excellent support and drive from senior management, great buy-in and effort from operational units, and collaboration from committed colleagues. I am absolutely delighted at the progress we have made in a relatively short period of time!

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