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CEMEX supplies the Dutch construction industry with cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates. The company owns and operates five ready-mix concrete plants in the southern parts of the Netherlands, close to the German border. Cement and aggregates come from nearby plants in Germany, primarily by truck. There is also the possibility of transporting aggregates through a marine terminal in the city of Venlo.

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Due to challenging natural surroundings, Dutch construction designs make heavy demands on engineering. Surrounded by sea and salty air, one fifth of the Netherlands’ territory consists of open water, rivers, and lakes. Humidity and salty air put considerable strain on structures, demanding special measures. Because of their positive influence on the durability of concrete, blast furnace slag cements are especially valuable, achieving a major market share.

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CEMEX makes efficient use of natural resources through the production of high-performance cement and ready-mix concrete. The company’s sophisticated logistics tools and modern truck fleet minimize the environmental impact of transportation. Whenever possible, bulk materials are transported via the country’s fine network of rivers and canals.

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