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How is our cement kept in good condition?

Thanks to excellent packaging: CEMEX products have a plastic layer to protect them from humidity and other factors that damage them. This is an extra plastic layer to the paper layers of all cement bags.

What can I use Quisqueya cement for?

Produced under the highest quality standards, Quisqueya Cement Type I and Type I PM guarantee more resistance, reliability, adherence, as well as better handling, setting, and fast stripping for your structures.

Quisqueya PM is characterized by a good final strength. Since it contains pozzolana, it develops resistance to harmful agents in the environment such as saltpeter and sulfate. Its properties allow for better handling, adherence, durability, and stable and reliable behavior.

Both types of cement offer excellent behavior for the construction of concrete slabs, columns, foundations, retaining walls, floors, pavements, fillers, and, generally, all types of work. Furthermore, due to their excellent workability and adherence, they allow the preparation of mortars for masonry, as well as the paste for ceramics, plasters, and veneers. Their remarkable early performance permits the efficient production of prefabricated elements.

How can I recognize cement that is adulterated or in poor condition?

When lumps appear. When cement starts to hydrate due to humidity in the environment, it hardens and compacts. When opening the bag, there will be cement lumps that could create unsound concrete, causing problems in construction.

Where can I find CEMEX products?

Customer Service Center
Phone: +51(1)6127576
Mobile: 98-123*0010 / 98-138*3411

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