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As the top cement and ready-mix concrete manufacturer in Mexico, we have nationwide market coverage. Modern plants on the country’s Atlantic and Pacific coasts enable us to take advantage of low-cost marine transportation to the US, Central and South American, and Caribbean markets.

User base

Cement is primarily a retail product in Mexico. Retail sales of cement through distributors account for more than 60 percent of Mexico’s demand. Because individuals account for as much as 30 percent of Mexico’s total demand, strong brand identification and an extensive distribution network are necessary for success in the market. CEMEX owns the registered trademarks for Mexico’s most popular cement brands such as Cemento Monterrey, Cemento Tolteca, and Cemento Anáhuac.

Value initiatives

In September 2006, we announced a plan to construct a new kiln at our Tepeaca cement plant in Puebla, Mexico. The current production capacity of the Tepeaca cement plant is approximately 3.1 million tons of cement per year. The construction of the new kiln, which is designed to increase our total production capacity in the Tepeaca cement plant to approximately 7.2 million tons of cement per year, is expected to be completed in 2018.

In 2001, we launched the Construrama program, a registered brand name for construction material stores. Through the Construrama program, we offer to an exclusive group of our Mexican distributors the opportunity to sell a variety of products under the Construrama brand name, a concept that includes the standardization of stores, image, marketing, products and services. As of December 31, 2013, approximately 703 independent concessionaries with more than 1,827 stores were integrated into the Construrama program, with nationwide coverage.

Cement Plants 15
Ready-Mix Plants 286
Aggregates Quarries 16
Marine Terminals 7
Cement Terminals 78

Data as of December 31st 2013

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