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CEMEX is Colombia’s second-largest cement producer with a significant share of the cement and ready-mix concrete markets in the "Urban Triangle" of Bogotá, Medellin, and Cali—which account for approximately 36 percent of the country’s cement consumption. The company’s extensive operations network, together with expert local management and technologically advanced operations, foster its strong domestic position.

User base

Cement is the most popular building material in Colombia because cement structures are relatively inexpensive when compared to those built from other materials. Close to 50 percent of CEMEX Colombia’s cement is sold in bags through independent distributors, making it a brand-name product of increased value to consumers.

Value initiatives

We produce ready-mix concrete to client specifications and deliver it directly to job sites. We use portable ready-mix plants at major building sites, reducing transportation costs and eliminating the need to acquire additional permanent ready-mix facilities. We also produce other specialized cement-based building materials, including mortars, antibacterial concrete, shotcrete (sprayable concrete), and pre-fabricated concrete construction products.

Cement Plants 5
Ready-Mix Plants 69
Aggregates Quarries 6
Land Distribution Centers 8

Data as of December 31st 2013

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